Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Best of 2009: Music

Nothing separates people as much as their taste in music. For a person you do not know well, it is still easy to speculate on their taste in say, movies. But music is another matter. Unpredictable, but still, musical tastes usually say a lot about a person. 

It was difficult for me to come up with my list of the best music of 2009. So I made it simple, I went with the twenty songs that I have played the most on my iPod recently, and then ordered them according to my current affinity for each song. The top five are definitely my current favorites, and are getting the most mileage out of me. Here is the full list:
  1. Rain – Mika (The Boy Who Knew Too Much)
  2. Running Away – Sacha Sacket (Hermitage EP)
  3. How You Survived The War – The Weepies (Hideaway)
  4. Circle – Sugarland (Live On The Inside)
  5. I See You – Mika (The Boy Who Knew Too Much)
  6. Hai Junoon – Pritam (‘New York’ soundtrack)
  7. They Bring Me To You – Joshua Radin (Simple Times)
  8. Kaminee Meri Arzoo – Sukhwinder Singh (‘Kaminey’ soundtrack)
  9. Where I Stood – Missy Higgins (On A Clear Night)
  10. Give It Away – Quincy Coleman (Also Known As Mary)
  11. Whatcha Say – Jason DeRulo (Whatcha Say EP)
  12. Knock You Down – Keri Hilson, Kanye West, Ne-Yo (In A Perfect World)
  13. Fireflies – OwlCity (Ocean Eyes)
  14. Happy – Leona Lewis (Echo)
  15. One Foot Boy – Mika (The Boy Who Knew Too Much)
  16. Say What You Mean - Chris Ayer (Don’t Go Back To Sleep)
  17. Echo – Gorrilla Zoe (Don’t Feed Da Animals)
  18. Don’t Stay – Laura Izibor (Let The Truth Be Told)
  19. If You’re Out There – John Legend (Evolver)
  20. Northern Skies – Dido (Safe Trip Home)

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