Sunday, February 20, 2011

Best of 2010: Oddities

Best opening credits: 127 Hours
Best ending: Buried
Best remake: Let Me In (based on Let The Right One In)
Worst remake: Clash of The Titans
Most sorry to see endCity Island
Most happy to see end: Hot Tub Time Machine
Best film seen by no oneBuried
Best film poster: The Social Network, Buried
Best comic book adaptation: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Worst comic book adaptionThe Last Airbender
Most unexpectedly goodUnstoppable
Most unexpectedly awful: The Tourist
Most overcookedShutter Island
Most original: Dogtooth
Most universally reviled: Sex and The City-2
Most universally adored/overrated: The Social Network
Glen Beck's worst nightmareI Love You Phillip Morris

Most ink spent on a film: Inception
For shame, Hollywood: Skyline
Best Clueless homageEasy A
Most judicious use of nudityMother and Child
Least judicious use of nudity (or You look great naked, now go put on some clothes please)Love and Other Drugs
Most surprising lack of nudity: Black Swan
Sexiest sexagenarian: Helen Mirren in Red
Didn't I Just See You? (or Most hardworking actor): Matt Damon in Green Zone, Hereafter, Inside Job, 30 Rock, and True Grit
Most wasted talent, female: Diane Keaton in Morning Glory
Most wasted talent, male: Morgan Freeman in Red
Biggest snub, actor, male, at the Oscars: the two Ryans - Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine and Ryan Reynolds in Buried
Biggest snub, actor, female, at the OscarsJulianne Moore in The Kids Are All Right, Leslie Manville in Another Year
Include immediately in Acting School curriculum: Michelle Williams/Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine
Yeah okay, the camera loves you: Angelina Jolie in Salt
Give this man some respect please: Ben Affleck for directing The Town            

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