Sunday, February 21, 2010

The 'Moviewallas' Cometh

Faithful readers of this blog (all six of you), you can now get one dimension closer. You can now listen online. The Moviewallas are here.

My friends, Kathy, Rashmi, Joe and I have been watching movies together off and on for years now. And on a few occasions, in the midst of a healthy debate about the movie afterward, remarked that we should record our conversations. And then laughed off the idea. Well, one Sunday morning a few weeks ago, Joe took matters in his very capable hands and put together everything that would be needed to record our first podcast! He independently came up with a logo, a jingle and a charter for our podcasts. He even purchased a good-quality microphone and before we knew it, we were sitting around a table and chatting about movies. And posting them online at It was decided that Rashmi, Joe and I would be the 'Moviewallas', the ones who are associated with movies. We agreed that we would stop doing this the minute it became a chore. And here we are - having recorded ten episodes already.

Since that Sunday morning, when we recorded our first discussion - of the movie Up In The Air, I must confess it has been a lot of fun. We have the unbelievably good fortune to have Joe at hand who is not only an astute film discussant, but also a savvy techno-wizard. It is easy for Rashmi and I to babble on about movies when Joe does all of the difficult things (such as the recording, editing, post-production and posting of the finished product online, not to mention the shownotes and posting of trailers of the movies we review). Quite simply our podcasts would not be possible without him. 

You can listen to the podcasts at the website (, or download them on iTunes. So far, our episodes include: 

Episode 1   Up In The Air
Episode 2   Avatar
Episode 3   Desert Island Movies
Episode 4   Precious
Episode 5   2010 Oscar Nominations
Episode 6   Oscars and Burgers? 
Episode 7   The Blind Side
Episode 8   Top Five Romantic Comedies
Episode 9   Julie and Julia
Episode 10  A Serious Man

Most podcasts are 10-15 minutes long.

Give the podcasts a try. And please provide feedback to us (too long? too obscure? too whatever); nothing would make us happier. You can leave your comments at the Discussion Forum at or on Twitter or as comments to this blog. We are laughing ourselves silly and thoroughly enjoying recording these podcasts. And we are also learning as we go. But we want to know what others think of them, so won't you please drop us a line to let us know if we are on the right track?